December 7th, a night that will live in infamy OR the night that most of the Photo Booth Industry crashed.

For a lot of the photo booth industry, December 7th, 2018 was a very tough day.  At SillySnapz, it was just another awesome event.

Many photo booth companies use an iPAD cloud based app called Snappic.  In the evening on 12-7-2018, all across the country, many photo booth events simply shut down because the cloud based app stopped working. Again, BECAUSE. THE. CLOUD. BASED. APP. STOPPED. WORKING.

While our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this, operators, event organizers, and the customers wanting to have some silly fun at their parties & events. This never would have happened at a SillySnapz event.

The reason is that at SillySnapz, we use DarkRoomBooth software & a laptop computer to drive our booths. It cost us a little more to set things up this way.

In the end, we think it was worth it.

So do our customers.

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